Hebei Rubang Carbon Products Co., Ltd. was awarded the qualified supplier of Baosteel Union Steel.

HEBEI RUBANG CARBON PRODUCTS CO., LTD awarded the qualified suppler of baogang united steel due to better cooperations and good quality of graphite electrode in march, 2020.

Baogang group founded in 1954, is a major steel production base in china and the largest rare earth industrial base in the world. it has two listed companies, inner mongolia baotou steel union co., ltd and inner mongolia baotou steel rare-earth hi-tech co., ltd, with a total asset of more than 160 billion yuan ($24.11 billion) in 2015. 

Baogang group is located in bayan obo mining district, where 175 kinds of minerals and 71 kinds of elements have been found. what’s more, the district has the largest rare earth reserve and the second largest niobium reserve throughout the world.

Baogang group is engaged in the industries of steel, rare earth, mineral, and some non-steel industries, such as equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and organic foods processing. it has set branches in 13 provinces and several offices in the united states and mongolia.

Baogang group is located in inner mongolia autonomous region, which connects with the northern part and the northwestern part of china, adjacent to mongolia and russia. it has advantages on earth, coal, iron, water and electricity resources.

Under the better relationship with baogang steel, hebei rubang carbon rpoducts co., ltd. also continuely supply good prodcust aand present more attractive services to other steel customers both domestic of china and overseas & worldwide inclduing phillipines, malaysia, taiwan, turkey, ploland, russia, spain, uae., argentia, india, italy, ; domestic steel plants such as: rizhao steel holding group co., ltd., china steel coporations,fujian sangang(group) co., ltd., panzhihua steel vanadium co., ltd., laiwu branch iron & steel co., ltd of shandong iron & steel gorup co., ltd.
qualified suppler cerifiate was issued by baogang united steel on march 16, 2020 as below:


Post time: Dec-28-2020